Geraldton, Australia

Geraldton Foreshore (Waterfront)

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The promenade along the waterfront (called Foreshore) is the signature run in Geraldton. A path separated from the main road goes from The Esplanade in the city’s West End north for 9.2 km to Beresford.  There are views out to the Indian Ocean the entire way.

Starting at the Esplanade, do a jaunt out to the viewing platform, then just head north along the waterfront path, paralleling Chapman Rd. The path continues into the coastal suburb of Beresford, paralleling Kempton Rd., ending at the north end of St. Georges Beach. There are also several sections of beach along this route that are fairly runnable.

Key points along the way:

0.0 km:    Esplanade
4.0 km:    Geraldton Museum/Railway station
5.3 km:     Marina Park
7 km:        St. George’s Beach  –  path then parallels Kempton St.

There’s also a weekly Parkrun that takes place Saturdays 8am.


  • Up to 9.2 km (5.7 miles), one-way
  • 41m (134 feet)
  • Esplanade, West End or anywhere along path