Hamburg, Germany

Klein Flottbek

This hilly neighborhood along the western riverbanks of Hamburg is less crowded than other parts of town, and features impressive old mansions, botanical gardens, and miles of earthen trails. Most runners start out in Westerpark (Derby Park), just outside the Klein Flottbek station. From here, run through Jenischpark to the Elbe River. The dirt path here stretches out to the Teufelsbrück ferry landing, where you can use Lünkenberg street and Wesselhöfts Park to return to Westerpark. For more mileage, simply continue west along the river path towards Falkenstein and the Blankenese district.

  • 5 km (3.2 miles)
  • 45 meters (146 feet)
  • Westerpark
  • Klein Flottbek Train Station