Hamptons, NY (The Hamptons)

Montauk: Shadmoor State Park

This 90 acre park is 1/4 mile east of Montauk Village, featuing more than 2,400 feet of ocean beach accessed by two stairways. The park, named for its open, rolling geography and the shadbush that grows there, also has bluffs, freshwater wetlands that are part of the preserve, hiking trails and elevated platforms for birdwatching and enjoying the shoreline views. Lovely, open trails with great water views.

For running, one can put together a couple of miles doing the trails in the park and a section along the beach. The Roosevelt’s Run Trail is a 1.2 mile loop. The trails are open and pleasantly runnable. For a longer run, enjoy more of the beach, or some of the adjoining roads south of the Montauk Highway (Rt. 27), such as Surfside Ave. and S. Emerson Ave. This can add another couple of miles.

  • 1.5 miles in park. Can add on beach and adjoining roads
  • Parking lot in park, or Montauk Public Library
  • Free parking in lot