Hartford, CT

Hartford ‘Runseeing’

This ~5 mile loop through downtown covers the top sights in Hartford, from political buildings to famous homes. It starts out on Main Street near the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. From there, head east through Burr Mall, past Alexander Calder’s “Stegosaurus” sculpture. Turn LEFT on Prospect Street and run north past Traveler’s Tower and Constitution Plaza. Turn RIGHT on Bob Steele Street then LEFT on Columbus Boulevard to pass the Connecticut Science Center and Phoenix Plaza. Turn LEFT on Pearl Street and pass the Old State House. Continue west past Bushnell park and follow Asylum Ave through the historic district to Woodland Street. Turn LEFT onto Woodland and run past the Mark Twain house at the corner of Woodland and Farmington. Return west on Farmington until it merges with Asylum. Run through Bushnell Park to catch a glimpse of the Capitol Building, then turn on to Gold Street. You’ll pass the ancient burial ground and the Carl Andre Stone field sculpture before returning to the route start on Main Street.

  • 4.6 miles
  • 226 feet
  • Wadsworth Atheneum
  • Main Street