Located about 20 miles west of Hilton Head, Palmetto Bluff is a combination resort and residential community. The area has beautiful homes, gas-lit pathways, and a thriving arts, wellness, and fitness scene. The area overall comprises 20,000 acres, with 8,000 acres of the land conserved.

There are two ‘sections’ of Palmetto Bluff: a residential community called the Palmetto Bluff Club, and the Montage Palmetto Bluff Resort. There are 20 miles of trails within Palmetto Bluff that are open to the public (no fee required). The trails are a combination of paved, and hard sand, and are great for running. There’s a good variety: wooded areas, sections of live oaks dripping with Spanish moss, views to the May River, and freshwater lagoons.

Source: Montage Resort

A recommended running route is the River Road Trail (also called the Moreland Trail). Drive 5.4 miles from the entrance, and park in the Wilson Village area. From there, follow the path along Mount Pelia Rd. to the River Rd. trail. It’s about 6 miles to the end of the trail at Barge Landing, or 12 miles round-trip. You’ll pass through the areas where two old plantations once stood along the way. Running in the area of Wilson Village is also pleasant, with good water views and some gorgeous southern homes.

  • River Road Trail is 6 miles one way from Wilson Village
  • Wilson Village area, or near entrance gate.