Palmetto Dunes is another extensive ‘plantation’ on Hilton Head, with a series of hotels and resorts running from Shelter Cove down to the beach. The area is built around a series of golf courses. Runners can enter the resort free of charge. There’s an extensive network of roads and trails, along canals and waterways. There are also 5 miles of bike trails within the resort, mainly in the Shelter Cove area, north-south along Queen’s Folly Rd., and paralleling the beach along Ocean Ln. A good run is to combine some of the bike paths with a stint along the beach.
It is 1.2 miles from Shelter Cove to the beach, along Queen’s Folly Rd.
  • No proscribed route, but one can put together several miles within the area.
  • Flat
  • Shelter Cove
  • Numerous access points