Hong Kong, China

Victoria Peak/Peak Circle Run

Running around Victoria Peak is one of the top running and tourist highlights of Hong Kong. There are fantastic views all along the 360-degree path. Try to plan it for sunrise or sunset to make it truly special! There are many options for running at Victoria Peak. The best option is to take the Peak Tram and base your start from the Peak Tower. You can run in either direction, but the main roads comprising the peak circle are Harlech Rd. and Luggard Rd. There’s a great lookout off Luggard Rd. You can also jaunt out to Victoria Peak, enjoying the Peak Garden and summit, and the waterfalls below Mount Austin Playground. The short run incorporates Harlech Rd. and Luggard Rd. and Victoria Peak. The long run adds a section along the Hong Kong Trail and the Pok Fu Lam Resevoir Rd.

Run To/From Peak Options

If you would prefer to run/hike to the peak rather than take the tram, there are good options.

  • The Central Green Trail is a very pleasant paved walk/hike following the tram line. Start at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center (Central or Admiralty MTR stations about 1km away) and follow the trail, which is well marked. After about 1 mile, take Barker Road, toward the peak. It is 1.65 mi, and a gradual, 1175 foot climb.
  • Old Peak Trail. More challenging and steeper.
  • Hatton Road. This is another good way up or down from the peak. Heading down, from the intersection of Harlech Rd. and Hatton Rd., take Hatton Rd. heading down (alternative: Lung Fu Shan Fitness Trail, which parallels Hatton Rd., passes the Battery, and runs into Hatton Rd). You will pass the Pinewood Battery, which was built in 1903 and was extensively damaged during WW II when the Japanese army attacked Hong Kong. From the intersection of Hatton Rd. and Kotewall Rd., you can take Kotewall back into the city, or walk 0.5km through Honk Kong University to the HKU MTR station.
  • Mid-Levels Escalator. From Bonham Rd., take the Mid-Levels Escalator — the longest covered escalator in the world — to Conduit Rd. Once on Conduit Road, turn right and run along the foot path (sidewalk) about 1 km to the corner of Conduit/Kotewald/Hatton Road. Go up Hatton Road and this joins The Morning Trail which is paved path up to the Peak trail.

Additional Running Options in Peak Area

  • Hatton Rd., from intersection of Harlech Rd. and Luggard Rd., to the University of Hong Kong. About 1 mile one-way.
  • Pok Fu Lam Resevoir Rd./Family Walk. A pleasant, shaded flat trail to a reservoir, just past the Trick Eye Museum, near the tower. It’s 1.1 miles from the Tower to the tip of the Reservoir.
  • Hong Kong Trail. A little more rugged, but runnable. From the intersection of Harlech Rd. and Luggard Rd., take Hong Kong Trail Section 1, past Queen Mary Hospital, a little over 1 mile to the intersection of Pok Fu Lam Resevoir Rd./Family Walk. Head east along the path, skirting the northern edge of the Resevoir, to the Tower.


  • 4.5 or 6 miles
  • Peak Tower
  • Peak Tram from MTR Central or Bus 15 from Exchange Square terminus, or minibus 1 from MTR Hong Kong Station