Istanbul, Turkey

Dalyan-Pendik Coast

A wonderful waterside run along the Marmara on the Asian side, this is an opportunity to get in some serious miles! You’ll follow palm-lined waterside paths through a series of parks, very green and good water views most of the way.  A run along the Dalyan-Pendik Coast is pretty seamless from Fenerbahçe Park, at the tip, near the hotel, for 27 km as far as Pendik. There are lots of food and drink vendors in the parks along the way. The section closest to Istanbul is served by metro line M4. A train line runs close to the path, for most of the way, making for a fun opportunity to run one-way!

Some key landmarks and distances, heading southeast from Fenerbahçe:

  • 1.5 km: Park İçi Yolu, which goes for nearly 5km, and
  • 6.6 km: Bostancı
  • 10 km:  Maltepe National Park
  • 16.8 km: Atalar
  • 19.1 km: Çeçenistan Park
  • 21.2 km: Yunus train station
  • 22.5 km: 100. Yıl Çocuk Park
  • 24 km: Marinturk Istanbul City Port Marina
  • 27 km: Pendik.




  • Many km of paths. There is a dedicated 6.5 km (4 mile) jogging track.
  • Fairly flat
  • Any point along the way. The closest part to central Istanbul is at Fenerbahçe, near the hotel.
  • Metro: M4, Kadıköy near Fenerbahçe. A train line follows the path, never far away.