Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus: Sarayburnu and Galata

This is another variation of a run along the Bosphorus in the historic section of Istanbul. This one is all along the water, and easily accessible by transport. A good option is to run between the Galata Bridge and the Yenikapi Ferry Terminal, a distance of 6km (4 miles) one-way if the run across the bridge is included (an alternative is to take the ferry to Karakoy). If you’d like a good option to run to a landmark, start or end the run another 0.5 km at the Galata Tower, a restored 5th-century tower and former prison overlooking the Bosphorus with top-floor restaurant. There is not a dedicated waterfront path along the entire route, but there is for most of it and a decent sidewalk for the other sections. It’s quite dramatic to run across the Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn, below the palace walls, and where the Bosphorus meets the Sea of Marmara.

Add-Ons: Along the route, take a 1 km detour into lovely Gülhane Park, a historic park located next to the Tokapi Palace grounds. Can vary the run and end up in old Istanbul, such as at the Hippodrome.

  • 6.5 km (4.1 miles) one-way, between Galata Tower and Yenikapi; options for one-way and to shorten
  • 161 feet
  • Galata Tower in Galata; Yenipaki Ferry Terminal in Sarayburnu
  • Galata: Bus, Ferry, or train in Karaköy; Yenikapi: Subway station M1A, M1B, M2; Bus along Kennedy Cd.