Istria, Croatia

Verudela Peninsula Run

Wikimedia Commons: Orlovic

This is a wonderful seaside run around the Verudela Peninsula, just 5 km south of from the city centre of Pula. There are gorgeous views of the Adriatic’s turquoise blue waters the entire way. This loop is 6 km, using a dedicated, paved seafront path for nearly the entire way. There are some small hills. NOTE: some sections of the path are not captured/shown on maps. Trust us! The path can’t be missed. There’s a short section of path at the end that goes through the woods and is gravel, but it’s easy to follow.

Historic landmarks along this route include the Verudela Canyon, the Sacred Rock (Sveta Stijena), and the restored wall of a tiny church destroyed by a storm. It is one of the most romantic and popular spots to watch the sunset from and, if you’re lucky, spot some dolphins! There are also several small beaches in the area — Histria, Brioni, Hawaii, Verudela, Svjetionik — if you’d like to take dip somewhere along the route. For a full list click hereNote: the beaches are generally rocky or pebbly, so not good for running.


  • 6 km (3.7 mile) loop
  • 66m (218 feet)
  • Main parking lot near the local city bus stops