Jackson/Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole Best Road Running Options

There are pretty decent shoulders on all the main roads in the Jackson area, so most are ‘runnable’. But it’s better to get off the main roads and enjoy some relatively traffic free, quiet road running with great views. Here’s our selection of the best ‘roads’ for running in the Jackson area:

Elk Refuge Rd. From the eastern edge of town, you can run for several miles along Elk Refuge Rd. Not too many cars, and great wildlife and mountain views.

Spring Gulch Rd. From the western edge of town near Powderhorn Park, this old ranching route cuts through open farmland. It’s 7.7 miles from the southern end to the northern end, near the airport. MAP

Cache Creek Dr. From the southeastern part of town, Cache Creek Dr. runs from near the Snow King resort and is part of that area’s trail system. This is hilly and challenging — 1,125 foot elevation gain over 5.4 miles one-way, with grades averaging 6-7%. MAP



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