Ragunan Zoo, located in Pasar Minggu in South Jakarta, is one of the most popular running spots in the city. The 140-hectare park is home to over 200 animal species and to some impressive exotic trees and plants. The paved tracks and the trails around the ponds offer a great escape from busy city life. Not only will you get a good run in here, but you can spot hippos, tigers, Komodo dragons, and gorillas. Our route is a 6 km ‘perimeter’ loop but there are many interior paths to explore in the zoo. Note that the park gets very busy on weekends, starting around 8 am, so it is best to arrive around when the zoo opens at 6 am. Note: small fee required.

Jakarta Free Spirit hosts group runs on Saturdays at 6:30 am at Ragunan Zoo. Most runners are expats. Relaxed atmosphere, usually followed by breakfast.

  • 6 km (3.7 miles) loop
  • 24 meters (78 feet)
  • Ragunan Zoo main entrance gate
  • Car or Taxi