Jasper National Park, Alberta

Best Trails and Paths for Running Near Jasper

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There are some wonderful running options near town, utilizing the extensive series of paths and trails that are part of Jasper National Park. The trails are marked by yellow diamonds, are rated easy-moderate-difficult, and have designated parking for trailheads. The Day Hiking Guide or the Mountain Bike Guide are very helpful. The best bets for running are the series of easier paths and trails just east and south of Jasper, around the lakes. There are many possible combinations. Our top recommendations:

Lake Annette and Lac Beauvert Loops. On the east side of the Athabasca River, both rated easy. Loop around Lake Annette, is a paved 2.4 km path. Trail #4d, P13. Do some laps or combine with Lac Beauvert, which has a 3.6 km loop trail (Trail #4a, P18), along the perimeter of the lake, with views of Jasper Park Lodge and the surrounding valley.

For a longer run, use Trail #4 (~1 km) to connect the two lakes, Trail #9 to connect to the Valley of the Five Lakes, or Trail 7 along the Athabaska River. If want to run from town, can use the Red Squirrel Trail (Trail #14, 2.8 km).

Valley of the Five Lakes. One of the top runs in Jasper. Park at Lot 16, 9 miles south of Jasper, off HWY 93. Use trails 9a and 9b (see map). Rated moderate, 4.6 km loop, elevation gain 66m. For a run of up to 9.3 km, continue on trail 9a along the first lake and loop back on trail 9.

Bighorn Trail(Trail #13). A nice way to extend a town road run or the Discovery Trail, this is a popular bike trail that continues north of town from the end of Connaught Dr., staying just west of Highway 16, and connecting the town to the Lake Annette/Lake Edith areas.

Wapiti Trail (Trail #12). Heading southwest of town, this gravel trail parallels 93A and connects Jasper to the campgrounds, and Whistler Rd. leading to the SkyTram. It’s 3.9 km one-way to Whistlers Campground and 4.7 to Wapiti Campground, where the trail ends.







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