This is a tour of some of Jerusalem’s tourist highlights, without going directly into the Old City. Some of it is along busy roads, which have lots of cars, but also sidewalks. For a much more detailed version of this route, with descriptions of the sites and many photos, check out the Running in Israel blog, which did a tour inspired by our route!

Our 7 mile loop begins at First Station (old train station), near the Meneachem Begin Heritage Center. Follow Hebron Rd. north, toward the Old City. At about 1 mile, reach the Tourist Information Center at the Tower of David. Soon after, a mix of the old and new: Mamilla Mall, a fancy shopping mall, just outside the Old City/Western Wall. There are good views along here. Just short of 3 miles, see Ammunition Hill on your left. Soon after, get off Hebron Rd., to do a tour of Hebrew University and Mt. Scopus, using the route of the Jerusalem Marathon (Churchill St. to Martin Buber St.). There are opportunities to get off the main road here to see more of the campus or explore Mount Scopus.

The route returns through the trails of Zurim Valley National Park, and Brigham Young University of Jerusalem. Pass by the Rockefeller Archeological Museum and the Garden Tomb on the right, and head through Damascus Gate to conclude the tour.


  • 7 miles
  • 819 feet
  • Hebron Rd. at First Station near the Menachem Begin Heritage Center.