Kauai, HI

Kekaha Beach — Kekaha

Kehaka Beach, on the west side of the island, is one of the longest stretches of white sand beach in the entire state of Hawaii. It’s also situated on the dry side of the island, so you rarely have to worry about getting rained out. Those who like running on sand can head west and enjoy a long beach run (although you should check with the locals for conditions first — the tide can sometimes leave a dramatic incline that isn’t ideal for running). If the beach is unrunnable, or if you prefer pavement, you can still get the same idyllic views of the coast and western islands by running east along Kaumualii Highway. This is a main road, but there is a wide shoulder and traffic is not overwhelming, especially if you run early in the morning. We’ve mapped a great 8-mile round starting at the Kekaha Beach Park and following the highway east to the Waimea Plantation Cottages (also near the Westin) before turning around.

Note: Running conditions vary depending on tides/surf. Avoid swimming at Kekaha Beach, as the water can be rough.

  • 7.8 miles out and back from Kehaka Beach Park to Waimea Plantation
  • 64 feet
  • West: Kehaka Beach Park; East: Waimea (Near Cottages/Westin)
  • Kaumualii Highway