Okanagan Valley, BC

Kelowna Waterfront Run

Creative Commons: Stuart Madden

This is a terrific waterfront run along Lake Okanagan, stretching from City Park in Kelowna north to Poplar Point. Much of the route is on a boardwalk or dedicated waterfront path. There are great views of the lake and surrounding mountains & countryside.

A good place to start is at City Park in central Kelowna. Do a loop around the park’s paths, and head north, passing a marina, City Hall, and the scenic Stuart Park. At the 2 km mark, you’ll hit a boardwalk and Waterfront Park, which has great lake views and an island stage popular in summer. To extend the run, continue on a road section (Bay Ave., Eliot St.) to Sutherland Bay Park for ~1.5 km, at the foot of Knox Mountain. It’s another 0.7 km to Poplar Point.

  • Up to 10 km (6.2 miles) out and back for full run to Poplar Point
  • Flat
  • Kelowna City Park or other spot on the waterfront path
  • Kelowna City Park or other access point