Lexington, KY

Lexington ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Wikimedia Commons: Daderot

This tour of Lexington’s highlights includes the beautiful residential neighborhood around the Henry Clay estate, Woodland Park, the University of Kentucky Campus, historic South Hill, and downtown. Our mapped 6.8 mile route is a good outline, but could certainly be varied.

Start Ashland – the Henry Clay Estate, and do a quick jaunt around the historic grounds, and then the perimeter roads: Sycamore, Woodsoint, and Ashland. Then, make your way over to Woodland Park using pleasant Fincastle Rd., and do a loop around the park’s paths. The next section is a jog through the bucolic University of Kentucky campus, which has nice pedestrian paths. Exit the west end of campus to head north to downtown through the historic South Hill neighborhood (use Limestone Ave.). Do a quick little jaunt around Lexington’s small downtown (not especially scenic). Then, head southeast out of downtown. We recommend using Third St. For the final section, enjoy a jaunt around the gorgeous residential neighborhood inside of Winchester Rd. (SR 60). We use Cramer Ave. to Menifee Ave. to Henry Clay Blvd., but you can design your own route here!

Add-Ons: Very nice streets for running in the neighborhood around the Henry Clay House.

  • 6.8 mile (11 km) loop
  • 195 feet (60m)
  • Henry Clay House
  • Parking in area