Our Five Favorite Cities for Running in Asia

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Finding a great place to run in many Asian cities can be challenging. They can be crowded, dense, and traffic choked. Some have grown so fast that the growth of recreational infrastructure, such as parks and paths, hasn’t kept pace with development. But here are five hidden gems — cities in Asia that have places to run that are attractive, safe, and centrally located.

  • Singapore

    Our favorite city for running in Asia. Wonderful waterfront paths, parks, and a terrific running infrastructure.
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  • Hong Kong

    Spectacular geography, with the famed Bowen Road, Victoria Peak, and routes along the waterfront.
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  • Kaohsiung City

    Port city in southern Taiwan has great variety for running - the Love River, waterfront paths and mountains on the outskirts.
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  • Osaka

    Known as 'The Water City', Osaka is our favorite city for running in Japan. Lovely green spaces, waterfront paths, and routes by shrines.
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  • Shanghai

    Our favorite city for running in China. The Bund is an iconic route, and attention has been paid to developing promenades and paths.
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