Wenzel Circuit

This iconic route will take you through the oldest quarters of Luxembourg City,  following parts of the way-marked Wenzel Circular Walk circuit. The route starts on the Bock Promontory (the “Bock” is the rock on which Luxembourg City was originally built in 963). From here you will be able to enjoy a stunning panorama of the Alzette valley and you will get a great view of the Neumunster Abbey and the St. John Church. The route continues onto the Chemin de la Corniche (also called “the most beautiful balcony of Europe”) and meanders all the way down to the river. After crossing the Alzette via a stone bridge and it leads to the Rham Plateau where you will be get to admire another impressive panoramic view. At the 2 km mark, cross the river on Rue Münster to the quaint Grund district with its medieval architecture, and popular bars and restaurants. The final kilometer leads back to the Bock Promontory, using Rue Large.

Add-Ons: You can follow the entire 5.5 km Wenzel Circular Walk. It is a way-marked walking route. See attached. Lots of stairs and turns. For a longer run, there are good paths along the Alzette and Péitruss rivers. Can also create your own route along the narrow streets and historic buildings of the old city, inside Blvd. Royal and Montée de Clausen.

  • 3.6 km (1.8 miles) tour, with good add-on options
  • 140m (500 feet)
  • Bock Promontory (Casemates)
  • Good transport access