Macau, China

Taipa Waterfront


One of the signature spots for running in Macau is on the dedicated path along the Taipa Waterfront. There are great views of the Macau peninsula along this wide, tree-lined path. There’s some lovely landscaping in sections. The total distance is 3.3 km one-way. A good place to start is Monument Garden. The path goes for south of there for 1 km, or 2 km north, winding around Sai Van Bridge, past a seaside park, to the “Old Bridge” (Praia Grande).

Longer Run: It is possible to run over the Old Bridge (but not the Sai Van Bridge), which is 2.5 km one-way. It’s quite something going over the water, and the sidewalk along the bridge is narrow, but it is runnable.

  • 3.3 km (2.2 mile) one-way, or 6.6 km out and back
  • Fairly flat
  • Heritage Gardens is a good place to start
  • Bus to Jardins do Oceano/ Rose Court or Ponte de Sai Van/ Oceano