Maine: Mid-Coast

Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor is a quaint coastal town, known for its coastal views, shops and restaurants, and as a departure point for ferries to Monhegan Island and other nearby spots. There are some good options for running in Boothbay Harbor:

Highlights of Boothbay. This 4-mile route features some pleasant roads around Boothbay Harbor and Lewis Cove, including a 1,000 foot footbridge. Start at the center near the Boothbay Historical Society. Run toward the Harbor, and then bear right following the water on Commercial, Sea, and West streets. Turn around at Middle Rd. at the 1.4 mile mark. Good water views much of the way. Return on West St., then turnĀ RIGHT on Oak St., to the footbridge. Cross to the other side of the Harbor, enjoying the views. You’ll then do a 1.5 mile loop of the eastern side of Boothbay Harbor, and Lewis Cove, following Atlantic Ave., Lobster Cove Rd., and Park St., returning to the start via Union St. and Townsend Ave. MAP

Ocean Point (East Boothbay). Down the next cove is Ocean Point, which has some lovely waterside running and fun rocks for climbing. Park at the parking lot for the Ocean Walk, and enjoy a 2.8 mile there and back along Shore Rd., which features wonderful views out to Card Cove and nearby islands. If you’d prefer a loop, take Van Horne Rd. to Ocean Point Rd. Pre- or post-run, enjoy the rocks of the Ocean Walk, for a scramble or a picnic. MAP

  • Boothbay Harbor Main Loop: 4.1 miles; Ocean Point: 2.8 miles there and back on Shore Rd.
  • Boothbay Route: 301 feet; Ocean Point Route: 38 feet
  • Boothbay Route: Historical Society; Ocean Point Route: Parking lot for Ocean Walk off Rt. 96