Manchester, UK

Ashton Canal Tow Path

Wikimedia Commons

This is another of a series of canal tow paths in Manchester. We like this one, as it has a more industrial vibe, passing by old mills. The main section we’ve mapped is a 2 mile one-way (4 mile out and back) route from the beginning of the path near the Alan Turing Memorial, to the Manchester City Stadium complex and the A 6010. The complex features the Etihad Stadium, Manchester Regional Arena, and Tennis Center.

This can also be combined with the Rochdale Canal Path. A good connection point is a path that runs between the two paths at the New Islington Marina.

Add-On: Philips Park. A few miles of pleasant paths, make for a longer run.

  • 2 miles one-way; 4 miles out and back
  • Flat
  • Alan Turing Memorial/Picadilly
  • Picadilly train/subway