Maui, HI

Kaanapali and Lahaina — Beach Walk

This is one of the most popular paths on Maui. Not only is it a gorgeous beachfront walkway with an easy flat surface, it starts just around the corner from the Black Rock Sheraton and a few other resorts, so it’s a cinch for anyone staying nearby. The beach walk (a red dirt trail lined with palm trees) starts near the Sheraton, and runs south through Wahikuli State Park and down along waterfront of of Lahaina village. It’s a popular route, so aim for a time of day when it will be less crowded. And as always when running on Maui, aim for a time when it won’t be quite so hot.

  • 1.4 miles
  • 28 feet
  • Maui Sheraton
  • Kaanapali Parkway