Melbourne, Australia

Beachfront Path: Hampton Beach, Brighton Beach, St. Kilda

Wikimedia Commons

Route 33, or Beach Road, is the long stretch that creeps around the coast of Port Phillip Bay. A seaside path/promende goes for 11+ km between Hampton Beach and St. Kilda Beach, passing through Brighton Beach and Ellwood Beach. In some sections there are separate paved and gravel paths, deviating from the road and passingthrough sandy beaches and gorgeously maintained gardens. You might even stop and take a selfie at Brighton Beach’s famous row of cheerfully painted changing cabins. The route is mostly off road, but if you do hop on Beach Road between trails. be cognizant of cars. A train runs between Sandringham and Brighton Beach, and from there is good tram service, a one-way run is very doable.

Route distances, north from Hampton Beach:

2km:     Brighton Beach
3.5 km: Brigton Bathing Boxes
6 km:    North Road Reserve
7.5 km:  Elwood Beach
8 km:    Point Ormond
9.4 km: St. Kilda Marina
11 km:    St. Kilda West/Catani Gardens


  • Up to 11.4 km (7.1 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • Anywhere along beach path
  • Get off at the Hampton or Brighton Beach train stops to see the best sections of this trail.