Milan, Italy

Milan’s Old Town (Centro Storico)

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A great opportunity to get some exercise while seeing Milan’s many sights, and its oldest and most significant park. Starting in front of Duomo, you’ll be stunned by pink-and-grey marble in this cathedral that dates back 1500 years. Continue by heading straight through the impressive arched opening into the Vittorio Emanuele II shopping gallery (named after an earlier Italian king). As you keep running, you will pass la Scala opera house, wind through the fashion district and some scenic alleyways, until you get to the Indro Montanelli Gardens in the Giardini Pubblici (Public Gardens) — Milan’s historic park. Here, you will run around the Planetarium, the Museum of Natural History and through the places that a few decades ago were occupied by a zoo. The final sight along this route is the Sforza Castle (Castle of Milan). Built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan it is located on the South side of Sempione Park. Wander back along some pedestrian streets to the Duomo. Sempione Park (below) can be a nice add-on.

  • 3.5 mile loop
  • Piazza del Duomo