Mobile, AL

Airport Perimeter Trail


These are two good options along the bay in Rosedale, on the southern edge of Mobile’s Downtown Airport (Brookley Aeroplex). The Airport Perimeter Trail is a nice 1.8 mile one-way or 3.6 miles out and back, and a particularly good choice if you have a flight to catch after your workout. The paved trail starts from Doyle Park, then bends southeast, following the gate along the Airport’s Perimeter Road. Near the end, it runs up against a residential area before it ends at Bayfront Road.

The Airport Perimeter Trail is part of a longer biking route known as the Crepe Myrtle Trail. It essentially follows Bayfront Rd. for 5.6 miles from Doyle Park to the Marina. The lovely route features palm trees, water views in parts, and a bridge, and is great or a longer run. Be advised some sections of the roads used don’t have much of a shoulder. Traffic to this area is relatively minimal, however, so you should be fine as long as you keep your wits about you.

  • Airport Perimeter Trail: 1.8 miles one-way, 3.6 miles out and back; Crepe Myrtle Trail: 5.6 miles one-way
  • 8 feet or 56 feet
  • Doyle Park
  • Dauphin Island Parkway