Mobile, AL

Old Mobile Historic District

“Old Mobile,” which today is known as Downtown (Central Business District) and Midtown, is the historic heart of the city. On the main veins through this part of town, runners can enjoy a tour of some of Mobile’s iconic architecture from shady tree-lined sidewalks. Government Street, Dauphin Street, and Old Shell Road cut through most of the historic neighborhoods of Church Street, Oakleigh Garden, Leinkauf, Old Dauphin Way, and Lower Dauphin (LODA). We’ve mapped a route up and down these streets which results in a 4.7 mile loop, but runners can use the City of Mobile’s Historic Districts map to put together a DIY run.

  • 4.7 mile loop. Options to create your own route through the historic districts
  • 55 feet
  • Central Business District
  • Government Street