Moscow, Russia

Northwestern Moscow: Park Riverport and Park Druzhby

Druzhby Park, from Places.Moscow

Directly across the Moscow Canal from Severnoye Tushino Park, Riverport Park and Druzhby Park offer good opportunities for running in the Levoberezhny District. The main entrance to the canal-side Riverport Park is marked with a statue of a woman holding a model of a boat above her head. The building of the river port is a great example of the Stalinist architectural style, whose entrance is decorated with mosaics depicting scenes of Moscow. Adjoining Park Druzhby (Friendship Park) has grander paths and alleys, around a couple of ponds. There are several sculptures and statues, including the Friendship Monument and an Afghan War memorial.

Between the two parks, it’s possible to put together about 6 km of running. A loop of Riverport Park, including a jaunt out to the Money Museum at the northern end, is 3 km. A loop around the ponds and paths of Druzhby Park is another 3 km or so.



  • 5.8 km (3.7 miles) around both parks
  • Flat
  • Entrance to Both Parks
  • Metro Line 2: Rechnoy vokzal