Moscow, Russia

Sokolniki Park

Sergey Ashmarin

Just northeast of the city center, Sokolniki Park is one of the largest green spaces in Moscow. Originally constructed as a falcon hunting ground for the tsars, today the park serves as a festival venue and a vibrant gathering space for visitors to play games, ride the ferris wheel, or connect to the free wifi. And of course, it’s a popular place for outdoor activity, from cycling to ice skating to running, with

There are lots of good running options in the park, with several long, straight tree-lined streets,  radiating out from park’s center in the shape of a fan. We recommend starting at the park’s center, near the Museum. Run along the wide main alley, Sokol’nicheskiy Pavil’onnyy Proyezd. Then try each of the streets/paths, each of which has its own character and unique features.  The longest one-way is 2.2 km. You can easily put together 10 km or more in the park, running up and down the streets and then along the beautiful alleyways and more wooded, gravel paths crisscrossing the park. It’s 3 km if you trace a ‘fan’ out to Mit’kovskiy Proyezd, and about double that out to Poperechnyy Prosek. Most paths are wide and in good condition. There are crowds along the most popular paths at busy times.

Sokolniki also hosts Parkrun, a free group 5k every Saturday. You can see the race course and learn more here.

  • 3 km (2 miles) for 'fan run' to interior Mit'kovskiy Proyezd. Double that out to Poperechnyy Prosek
  • Flat
  • Sokolniki Park Museum
  • Metro: Sokolniki metro station; Light Rail: Sokol'nicheskaya Zastava