Nairobi, Kenya

Karen/Langata Area


These neighborhoods in the southwest of Nairobi are bordered by the Ngong Forest Sanctuary, Ngong Hills, and the Nairobi National Park. As some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Nairobi, these areas have great infrastructure for road running. Here are some favorite spots recommended by locals:

Karen: The Karen Run and Fitness Club runs primarily on Karen Road, which divides Karen in the west from Langata in the east. Starting from the intersection with Ngong Road in the north, this dirt sidewalk travels south for 5km. From the south end of the road, runners can catch a bus back, complete the 10k out and back, or continue on the Oloolua Nature Trail for a long mixed-terrain run. It’s also a good idea to use Karen Rd. as an anchor, enjoying some of the quieter side streets.  MAP.

Oloolua Nature Trail: The natural gem of Karen, the 250 hectare tropical dry Oloolua Forest is most famous for its Institute of Primate Research, but the 5 km nature trail here is perfect for trail runners. Runners can pick up the trail at the south end of Karen Road and pass through the Institute of Primate Research. From here, the trail passes under enormous native trees and through bamboo stands to the river, a cave, a papyrus swamp, and a 20 foot waterfall. The trail is open from 9 am to 6 pm, and there is an admission fee of 600 Ksh for non residents to enter the park. MAP & INFO.

Langata: Langata has lots of great sidewalks, most of which are well-maintained raised brick paths. Some of the best are on Banda Lane and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Road. The Oloolua, or Mbagathi, Ridge, which is mostly quiet farmland, is also popular.

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  • Varies. RT. 24 Bus gets to the Karen Rd. area