Nairobi, Kenya

Ngong Hills Nature Reserve


Nairobi’s Ngong Hills, located just south of the city, are part of the Great Rift Valley, rising to 2,460 meters over farmland and Maasai villages. The trail across the ridgeline here is popular among recreational and elite runners alike. Most runners start from the Kenya Forestry Service station in the northeast corner of the park. From here, a gently inclined dirt road reaches up to the wind farm atop the hills and continues south for with great views along the way. The route is about 11 km (one-way) to the Kona Baridi bus stop, so runners can either take public transportation back, or shorten the route by doubling back at the highest point (about 10 km round trip).

Note: sections can be steep.

  • Up to 22 km (13.8 miles) out and back, but can choose a shorter distance
  • 361m (1186 feet) over one-way
  • Kenya Forestry Service Station
  • Ngong/Petroh Bus Stop