Nantucket, MA

Jetties Beach

Michael Femia

Nantucket’s north shore is largely protected from dramatic ocean currents, which means the sand here is flatter and firmer than most other beaches. For anyone who likes a good sand run, head to Jetties Beach (centrally located just 1 mile north of downtown) and run west on these wide open beaches. Unfortunately, you can’t sweep across the entire north shore uninterrupted — private landowners have set up fences in the Washington Pond/Nantucket Cliffs area. However, starting in from the public section at Jetties, you can get in a good 1.5 miles before turning around. Go at low tide for the most space and the best sand conditions.

This run can be combined with the route out to Brant Point Lighthouse, using Easton St. & Hulbert Ave.

Tide Table  Brant Point Route
  • Up 1.5 miles one-way, or 3 miles out and back
  • 58 feet
  • Jetties Beach
  • Jetties Beach Bus Stop. It's 1 mile from the center