Nantucket, MA

‘Sconset to Sankaty Light

Siasconset, known as ‘Sconset to locals, hugs the high eastern crest of the island, where grand homes look out over even grander ocean views. It’s on the eastern end of the island, 10 miles from the center. The beach here is fairly good for running (wide and flat), but for the best views, you’ll want to stick to the bluff.

The best running option in this area starting from Main Street and the Sconset Market, is to head north along Baxter Road, which cuts through an opulent residential neighborhood out to the Sankaty Light, for about 1.5 miles. The road is wide, but there is no sidewalk, so if traffic is heavy you may want to opt for the Polpis Bike Path, which follows Sankaty Road in the same direction. Cool down on the ‘Sconset Bluff Walk, a nearly 1 mile grass, sand, and shell walkway which creeps through backyards on the high bluff. This path has some of the best scenery on the island, but it is intended for walking only, so keep your speed down.

As an alternative, a paved bike path starts 0.5 miles from ‘Sconset, and runs along Polpis Rd. for 8+ miles. It’s then another 2 miles into the center of Nantucket.

  • 3 miles out and back; Add on using Polpis bike path
  • 46 feet
  • Main Street ‘Sconset/Sconset Market
  • Main Street Rotary Bus Stop