Nara, Japan

Nara Athletic Complex Grounds

Wikimedia Commons: Kanko3131

About 1.5 km north of the central part of Nara, the Nara Sports complex has numerous paths, fields, and two running tracks that make for some decent running. It’s a good opportunity to get away from the busier sites of central Nara or the hills in the eastern section of the city.

There are 2-3 km of paths around Naraden Field, up to the tennis courts, and around a small pond (west of the gymnasium, Starbucks at northern end). There are also two running tracks: at Naraden Field and at the ‘athletic’ park just north of there. There’s also a marked path along the road around Naraden Field. In all, you could put in a few kilometers around these paths and tracks. Good area for some flat, off-road running and intervals!


  • 3-4 km around paths and pond, plus the running tracks
  • Naraden Field
  • Shiei Kyujo Bus Stop lets off at Starbucksat northern end of small pond