Nara, Japan

Heijō Palace and Area Lagoons

Wikimedia Commons: 663highland

A few km west of Nara Park, the grounds of Heijō Palace and paths around lagoons just northeast of there make for a nice run. Start at the Kokuei Heijokyuato Historical Park, where you’ll run through Suzaku Gate, and around the grounds of Heijō Palace, which is a reconstruction of the 8th-century imperial palace that once stood on this site. Continue north to Daigokuden (Former Imperial Audience Hall) at the 2 km mark, crossing the main road (#104), for a quick jaunt up to the waterside Saki Shrine. Head east from there for 1 km, and then enjoy the small roads around three adjacent small lagoons. Return through the grounds of Heijō Palace.

  • 8 km (5 miles) loop
  • 42m (140 feet)
  • Suzaku Gate, Kokuei Heijokyuato Historical Park
  • Two train stations nearby, Kintetsu-Nara Line