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Virgin Islands National Park

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At 7300 acres, Virgin Islands National Park comprises 60% of the landmass of St. John (and bits of the other USVI). There are numerous hiking trails in the park which are also good for running. The signature running route is the Francis Bay Trail, which mixes paved roads, paths, and waterfront views. Run Francis Bay as a standalone 3.7 mile (6 km) out and back, or 7.5 km when combined with the Johnny Horn Trail. Start off at Francis Bay, just south of Mary Point in the North of the island.

Francis Bay Trail. The Francis Bay Trail starts at the beach to the west. To the east, it runs out to the Annaberg School Ruins and the Annaberg Sugar Plantation where it meets up with the Leinster Bay Trail. This gorgeous path circles Waterlemon Bay for about half a mile. When you reach the end towards Leinster Point, you can reverse back towards Francis Bay for a total of about 3.7 miles (6 km), or continue for an additional mile on the Johnny Horn Trail.

Johnny Horn Trail: At the east end of Waterlemon Bay, the Francis Bay Trail connects to the Johnny Horn Trail. This ~1 mile (1.6 km) path runs south to a paved road near the Moravian Church in Emmaus/Coral Bay. It’s a somewhat hilly route, but a decently wide and clear path for trail running, and the views from its many landmarks — including the ruins of a Danish guard house — are incredible. Run it as an addition to the Francis/Leinster Bay Trail, or as an out and back on its own. It is best accessed from the north (Leinster Bay) side.

Lind Point Trail. This 2.6 mile (4.2 km) route at the western end of Virgin Islands National Park, from Cruz Bay up to Honeymoon Beach, is one of the most runnable trails on St. John, with incredible views as a bonus. You can park at the National Park Service Headquarters just off of North Shore Road and follow the paved way out to the trailhead, which hugs the coast heading north past Lind Point and Solomon Beach before arriving at the pristine sands of Honeymoon Beach. The rock and gravel trail can be a little loose at times, so watch your step, but overall it’s a good flat surface with just enough hill work to work up a sweat.

  • 3.6 miles (6 km) for Francis Bay Trail out and back; 4.6 miles (7.5 km) if combined w/Johnny Horn Trail; Lind Point Trail is 4.2 km
  • 502 feet (full 7.5 km run)
  • St. Francis Trailhead
  • North Shore Road