At 7,000 acres, this is one of the largest parks east of the Mississippi. There’s a huge range of activities in this park: hiking, boating, fishing, golf, archery, a ropes course, and mountain biking.

For runners, there are lots of options. One good loop is to follow the 5-mile bike trail. Or, combine with some of the hiking/mountain bike trails. The White Oak Trail is a 2.6 mile gravel nature trail that’s good for running. The paved roads on the eastern side of the reservoir are about 2 miles one-way. The map has all the trail info, and the trails in the park are well signed with good distance details.

Add-On: Yorktown Battlefield. In the northeastern section of Newport News Park, at Washington’s Headquarters, you can access the Historical Tour Road of the Yorktown Battlefield Park, which is part of National Colonial Historical Park. These are gorgeous roads, meant for car or bike touring, but also possible to run. There are 20+ miles of roads. Our running guide.

Yorktown Battlefield Information  Running Guide to Yorktown NP
  • Many distance options. Bike trail is 5 mile loop
  • Depends on route chose, but park HQ is good starting spot
  • Good parking, facilities