Milwaukee, WI

Olmsted Parks Tour

Frederick Law Olmsted – famed designer of New York’s Central Park – designed a three park system in Milwaukee. The east side is home to two of Olmsted’s Milwaukee’s renowned parks:  Lake Park and Riverside Park (originally “River Park”), with Newberry Boulevard being the deliberate connector between the two.  A good share of the Oak Leaf Trail is routed through both parks, which is used in this route to explore each. Starting at the south end of Lake Park, our route takes you through the park then out onto Newberry Boulevard.  Upon reaching the intersection of Newberry and Oakland Avenue, cross over into Riverside Park, where you’ll loop around the trails then head back on Newberry. 

Newberry Blvd. has the signatures of an Olmsted designed road: wide, shaded, with homes pleasantly set back, and a grassy median.

  • 3.6 miles out-and-back
  • 140 ft.
  • Lake Park