Oslo, Norway

Sognsvann: Lake Loop & Additional Trails

Creative Commons: Flladina

Sognsvann Lake is a worth-it destination run located just 7 km north of Oslo and accessible by transport. The lake is popular for swimming and boating in summer and for ice fishing and skating in winter. There’s a running track at the lake’s southern end.

Path around lake. Google Street View.

There are numerous running opportunities in this area. We’ve mapped a 3.2 km loop around the lake on a wide, gravel path. There are some nice water views and some wooded sections. Bonus: Lit at night!

Additionally, there are several km of trails that offer some hilly trail running. It’s a series of labeled hiking areas on the map. Most extensive are trails on the eastern & northern ends of the lake, although there are also some trails on the western side.


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