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Oxnard: Beach, Marina, Park

Scenic Trail, Point Mugu

The best places to run in Oxnard combine its long beach, a nice oceanfront park, and a jaunt around the extensive marina. Oxnard is  the first coastal city north of Malibu, lying just south of Ventura. Start on the west side of Channel Islands Harbor, near the museum. A scenic path/sidewalk runs along the Harbor, featuring terrific views of the marina and numerous impressive boats. The path continues to Oxnard Beach Park, a nice green spot bordering the beach. It’s 2.5 miles from the Harbor to the Park, making for an easy 5-mile round tripper.

Variety/Add-Ons:  The wide beach goes for ~5 miles north, combining Oxnard State Beach and Mandalay State Beach. We also recommend running along Mandalay Beach Rd., which features some attractive homes and a good sidewalk, especially in the area around the park.



  • 4.75 miles out and back from the Harbor to the Park
  • 52 feet (15m)
  • Channel Islands Harbor, near the museum