Panama City, Panama

Metropolitan Natural Park

This 232 hectare space bordering the west part of Panama City is unique as it’s the only Central America tropical forest located within city limits. It’s an easy-access spot for city visitors to explore some of Panama’s native flora and fauna, but it doubles as a great running destination. There are four trails in the park, all of which are fairly well maintained and non-technical. The longest and most popular option is the ~2 km Sendero Cieneguita/Mono Titi Loop, which leads to panoramic views of the entire city. The shorter Sendero Momotides, Sendero El Robles, and Sendero Los Caobos can also be combined/added on for a loop up to 3 km. Run all the trails together for a nice ~5 km! 

For more running in this area, we recommend the Camino de Cruces Trail in Soberanía National Park, which is adjacent to Metropolitan Park.

  • Loops up to 5 km (3 miles)
  • Rolling Hills
  • Via Juan Pablo III
  • Parque Metropolitano Bus Stop