Prague, Czech Republic

Petrin and Prague Castle

This is a tour of the Prague Castle, Petrin Park, and Kampa Island, focused on the West side of the river. The route begins at the famous Charles Bridge, the landmark stone bridge connecting Prague’s old and new towns. Run through the gate and along Mostecka, while admiring the beautiful shops along the way. Continue uphill until you reach the giant St. Nikolas church. You may want to take a moment here to catch your breath because your next challenge is a lengthy set of stairs up to the Castle. These steep stairs provide amazing views along the way and lead you directly to the castle grounds entrance. There is no entrance fee, so we recommend you take a loop through to enjoy the stunning courtyards, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Hapsburg Kaisers’ Palace (now home of the Czech President). After you loop your way back out of the castle grounds, continue running along the route to past the Schwarzenberg Palace, the Cerninski Palace (now a government ministry), and the Loreto (the beautiful baroque convent). Note: you can add to the run by enjoying the castle gardens. The South Gardens are 500 meters long.

The next site along the route in the Strahov Monastery. Its baroque church rises behind the row of houses along the street on the left. Exit the Monastery through the eastern wall and you’ll find yourself in Petrin Park, looking out down the hill at the city across the valley. The whole hillside before you is a green parkland full of vineyards and fruit trees. As you enjoy this view, head to Petrin Hill Tower, an Eifel-tower-like lookout tower. Continue down the hill (finally!), to the riverfront park on Kampa Island. As you make your way back to the Charles Bridge, you’re last detour will take you past the John Lennon Wall, covered with grafitti, poems, lyrics, flowers. There are many opportunities to extend the run by exploring additional trails in Petrin Park.

  • 4.8 mile loop
  • 631 feet
  • Charles Bridge
  • Metro: Malostranská