Prince Edward Island, Canada

Brackley-Dalvay Area

The bike path along Gulf Shore Way East is another good opportunity for a long off-road run on PEI. Located inside Prince Edward Island National Park, the path runs for 15 km one-way from Brackley Beach to Dalvay-by-the-Sea. Included in this route is 5 km along Robinsons Island Rd., east of Gulf Shore Way/Brackley Point Rd. The Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site, a grand Victorian estate, was used to film the famed CBC production of Anne of Greene Gables. Note: Section in PEI NP requires admission fee.

The path goes in and out of water views, with dune and marsh views as well. Run any part of this path. Some favorite sections with the best views are:

  • Robinsons Island Rd. Eastern 4 km is right on the water, with nice dune views as well. No bike path here, but quiet road.
  • The 5 km between Brackley Beach and Cove Harbour Lighthouse in Stanhope.  Pleasant, open running, with dune views and some water views.

The 5 km east of the lighthouse are a bit more interior and treed, but the views open up again near Dalvay-by-the-Sea.

Add-On/Options: Spectacular run along Bayshore Rd./Rt. 25 in Stanhope. 4 miles of great views on a separated paved walking/running path. See route. Also, the Farmlands Trail offers a 2.7 km loop along fields, hedgerows and mixed woodlands.

  • Up to 15 km (9.6 miles) one-way. See description for best sections
  • Fairly flat -- only 150 foot gain over 15k
  • Any point along trail. Brackley Beach, Covehead Harbour, Dalvay are good starting points
  • Official Trailheads located at Brackley Beach Complex and Dalvay Crescent.