Prince Edward Island, Canada

Saint Peters Bay, Greenwich, and Morell

Courtesy of Full Time Canada

There are some terrific running options in the area from Saint Peters Bay, Greenwhich, and Morell areas. Beautiful open farmlands, views out to the bay and ocean, and trails through sand dunes make for great running variety. We have three recommended running spots in the area:

Saint Peters Bay to Greenwich. Rt. 313/Greenwich Rd. is pleasant for running, winding through farmland and featuring water views much of the way. Note: no shoulder, but not too much traffic. It is 5.7 km from Saint Peters Bay to Greenwich, and 9.8 km to the National Park. Fairly flat. MAP

Greenwich, PEI National Park. The Greenwich section of the park features several km of wonderful trails for walking/hiking/running, with trail options of various lengths. The memorable Greenwich Dunes Trail is 4.8 km, the Tlaqatik trail is 4.8 km, and the Havre Saint Pierre is 1.1 km.  Park Map.

Saint Peters Bay to Morell along the Confederation Trail. This is one of the most scenic sections of the Confederation Trail, and a great off-road running opportunity. Fairly open, with great coastal views in sections. MAP



  • See route informaiton
  • The area is fairly flat.
  • Depends on route chosen