Provo/Orem, UT

Provo River Parkway Trail

Creative Commons: An Errant Knight

The Provo River Parkway Trail is the best bet for long, off-road run in Provo. Overall, the paved trail runs for 15 miles from Utah Lake to Provo Canyon. We’ve divided the route into two sections.

Utah Lake to BYU. This section of the trail is in the heart of Provo, running for 5.7 flat miles along the Provo River on the north side of Provo, from near the BYU campus south to Utah Lake State Park on Utah Lake. The trail is a nice mix, passing through numerous parks and residential areas, with views of the surrounding mountains and glimpses of the river.  Some sections are wooded, and others are more open. Pick up the trail at any point! A good parking/access point is at Fort Utah State Park at Geneva Rd. & 350 N.

Northern Section of Trail. Google Street View.

BYU to Provo Canyon. After a brief break at W 2230 N, pick up the trail at the BYU North Athletic Fields. The path continues north  alongside N University Ave. for 3.5 miles through the Riverside residential suburbs to a trailhead at 800 N. From there, the trail continues for another 5.9 miles alongside Provo Canyon Rd. This section is hillier, passing through open, more remote and scenic terrain. Key segments (from start at BYU):

  • 3.5 miles: Provo Canyon Trailhead at 800 N
  • 4.5 miles: Mt. Timpanogos Park
  • 6.2 miles: Glen Canyon Park
  • 6.7 miles: Nunn’s Park
  • 7.4 miles: Bridal Veil Falls
  • 9.4 miles: Vivian Park (Provo Canyon)


  • Overall: 15 miles (25 km). It's 5.7 miles from Utah Lake to BYU, and 9.4 miles from BYU to Provo Canyon
  • Utah Lake to BYU is flat; BYU to Provo Canyon is 929 feet (283m) - the section north of 800 N is steeper
  • Depends on section chosen
  • Numerous Trailheads & Access Points - See Description