Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City Stairs

One of the unique aspects of Quebec City is the distinct upper and lower towns. Over the years, a series of 30 stairways has been built, linking them. They make for a good connector in several important sections of the city. We’ve put together a map pointing out 12 of the most important stairways, all of which have 100 steps or more. At 398 stairs, Cap Blanc has the highest number. Breakneck Stairs is the oldest set, dating back to 1635.

The stairs in total are fairly spread throughout the city. The Staircase Challenge Running Event is held every June, and features 30 staircases and a total of more than 3,000 steps.



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Michele G
11 months ago

Hello! I did part of this route as a run and then later with my boyfriend, as a walk. It was an excellent way to see the city. There were several people using the Cap Blanc stairs as a workout, running up and walking down. Thank you!