Quito, Ecuador

Parque Bicentenario

Constructed on the grounds of the former Quito airport, Parque Bicentenario has converted 125 hectares of runway into beautiful and lengthy running paths. The newest of the paths, the Bulevar Amazonas, features lovely stone pavers and some of Ecuador’s endemic tree species. Athletes can also find spaces for various sporting fields and a CrossFit court. A lap around the park is about 5 km (3.2 miles), but zig-zagging through the runway trails can result in a run of well over 10 km (6 miles). A good place to practice your fartleks!

The park is at the northern end of the city.

  • Up to 10 km (6+ miles)
  • FLAT!
  • Rafael Ramos
  • Galo Plaza Lasso Y Rafael Ramos Bus Stop