Raleigh-Durham, NC

Cary: Apex Community Park

Wikimedia Commons

The 160-Acre Apex Community Park is a pleasant spot for a 2-3 mile run in the Cary area, 20 minutes west of Raleigh. The park features numerous sports fields, tennis courts, and an Elevate Fitness Course. The 50-acre lake is popular for fishing and boating activities.

For running, there’s a 2-mile paved trail around the lake, and a ~1 mile unpaved ‘nature’ trail. The lake trail is part along the water, and part in the woods.

Out thanks to Stephen Puryear for submitting this route!

  • 2.1 (3.4 km) loop around the lake
  • 75 feet
  • Lake Trail entrance
  • Car access. 2200 Laura Duncan Road (Park Entrance); 1808 Lake Pine Drive (Lake Trail Entrance)