Reims, France

Parc Naturel Régional de la Montagne de Reims

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Runners spending some time in the area of Reims should head to the Parc Naturel Régional de la Montagne de Reims. It’s 120,000 acres of forest, wetland, and vineyard-laden hillsides boasting 300+km of marked footpaths paths and cycling trails. Some of the most famous champagnes are produced in these vineyards! The park is divided into four regions: Marne Valley (more open, vineyards); Forest Massif (dense, wooded trails, covering 40% of the park); Tardenois (fields, vines and woods); and Montagne de Reims (the area around the mountain).

There’s something for everyone here, from wide forest trails and cycle paths to hillier, rugged trails suitable for hiking and trail running. There’s also a nice variety of terrain — quite a bit of the park is wooded, but there are some more open wetlands and hillside trails with views of vineyards. This page has a lengthy list of suggested walks and hikes. Runners should choose a trail that suits their desired distance, terrain, and level of challenge. Each of the routes has excellent information on the essentials, and even maps that can be downloaded. A few suggestions, from this list:

  • Circuit des Rinsillons. PR 69. 4.8 km. One of the nicer forest trails/
  • Circuit de Courtagnon. PR 57. 5.4 km. Lovely path through vineyards, not too hilly.
  • Circuit de la Noëlle. PR 80. 8.8 km. Nice combo of woods and vineyards.
  • Circuit du Cubray. PR 43. 9.5 km. Rolling hill run through famous d’Aÿ vineyard.
  • The park is located just south of Reims, but covers a large area

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  • The park is located just south of Reims, but covers a large area