Reno, NV

Steamboat Ditch Trail

The Steamboat Ditch Trail is a wide, gravel path following an irrigation ditch that carries water from the Truckee River to the farms and ranches in the Reno area. It is one of the best spots in Reno for a longer off-road run, on rolling hills. There are excellent views of the mountain peaks and downtown Reno.

The trail begins at Horsemans Park, which is about 5 miles south of dowtown Reno. Follow the trail heading west of Skyline Blvd. The full trail is 6.3 miles one-way, or 12.7 miles out and back. Rt. 659 is at the 5-mile mark. The views of Verdi are very pretty as you head west. The total elevation gain for the full out and back is 830 feet, but the terrain is not steep.

  • 6.3 miles one-way, or 12.7 miles (20.5 km) out and back -- run any length you like!
  • 830 feet over full out and back, but not steep
  • Horsemans Park
  • Parking at Horsemans Park. Numerous other access points to trail